Welcome to Caffé Luca
Bringing the essence of small batch Italian roasting to America   

The rich heritage of Caffé Luca Coffee Roaster began in Italy, where the company’s original founder and visionary, John Dema, learned about the art of roasting and blending from his mentor and the company’s namesake, “Uncle Luca”. In the early years of Caffé Luca, John dedicated much time to experimenting with different proportions of the highest quality Arabica coffees, achieving the perfect balance of flavor, acidity, body and aroma for Caffé Luca’s small batch roasted coffees. Caffé Luca prides itself in small batch roasting in which it can consistently provide a fresh well balance to each of its gourmet blends.


The delicious Caffé Luca espresso and drip coffee blends that resulted from these years of experimentation are what the company offers its customers to this day, mellow yet robust, flavored brews that are never bitter. Caffé Luca coffees are known and loved around the world from boutique coffee houses and friendly neighborhood cafés to posh gourmet gift shops, luxury hotels and resorts and critically acclaimed restaurants. 

In Memory of our Founder 
John Dema
Caffé Luca’s mission statement has not changed to this day...

Our goal is to consistently provide superior coffee

and friendly, knowledgeable service...

...while never sacrificing quality or integrity.


Caffé Luca looks forward to continually providing you with a quality gourmet coffee product.

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